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A Major EVE Online Update Brings Massive Changes May-12-2022

The new Siege green update to EVE Online is live with major emphasis on reducing the cost of ship production and decreasing Upwell Structure strength.

EVE Online's awaited Siege Green update has arrived and includes a large number of enhancements and modifications. Captives who are able to work hard will have a better chance of building most of the ships in the game due to a decrease in the cost of materials, particularly for larger types of ships like EVE Online's notoriously expensive dreadnoughts.

Since its launch around 2003 EVE Online has been continually updated and expanded throughout the years. The game was created and published by the Icelandic CCP Games, the company that is owned by Icelandic CCP Games, the spacefaring sci-fi MMORPG is regularly updated with improvements to balance the visual quality, its interface for players, a new user experience and gameplay. EVE Online is almost entirely controlled by players and everything from resource harvesting to production of entire fleets controlled by companies run by players and, therefore, whenever an update has an impact on the industry of the game, the effect is felt across the world of Cheap EVE Mobile ISK.

The latest update, called Siege Green, has a particular focus on balancing the shipbuilding sector, in addition to other aspects. The components of the industry that make up larger ships, such as capitals, battleships, and supercapitals have seen their construction costs and time to construct decreased significantly, which makes these massive ships more readily accessible. To increase the intensity of defense and attack enjoyable, player-owned Upwell Structures are now significantly more susceptible to attack. The combination of faster and more affordable ship construction and more vulnerable structures will lead to more frequent and exciting siege combat. Capsuleers that are especially interested in the business part of the game may need to get out their Excel spreadsheets to figure out the new requirements for production.


Alongside the overhaul of the industry and structural changes, a variety of additional adjustments or fixes are being made. In addition, the UI has seen improvements in a variety of areas, including the misplaced tooltips as well as broken opacity. The visual appearance of ship boosters will appear better when using low graphics settings. Ship models also have a faster loading speed, which will help to smooth the framerate when a lot of ships are loading simultaneously. The intro video for the game should not be sluggish when it starts to play which is a small but appreciated improvement to the game's initial presentation. Also, players who are using the MacOS client have now the ability to access Skillplans.

With a huge number of adjustments to manufacturing costs and manufacturing costs, this Siege Green update is likely to be a major blow to the game's economy operated by players. Miners refiners, transporters pilots, and manufacturers will all be affected by changes to the industrial sector, and it could take time for all the effects from the upgrade to become apparent. It's an encouraging indication of the future for EVE Echoes ISK that CCP is always trying to find ways to improve the experience for its players with every update, whether that's adjustments to economics or making large parts of the game free to play to attract a new generation of capsuleers who are just beginning their journey.