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EVE Echoes tips I would have liked to know earlier Aug-20-2020

A few days ago the space MMO EVE Echoes was released for Android and iOS. MeinMMO editor Alexander Leitsch has tried the game for you and collected some tips that should make it easier to get started. What are these tips? A few days ago I started EVE Echoes, the mobile MMO for EVE Online, and I already gave you an insight into my experiences. In doing so, I made some beginner mistakes, which I would now like to save you from. That is why I have put together 7 tips that are primarily intended to help beginners.

If you have general difficulties getting started, I can recommend the YouTube video from Excoundrel Gaming. I also used his guide to create some of these tips. I am aware that a lot of EVE Echoes' content is very in-depth and the game is very complex. The more I learn about the game, the more I share with you. So it is possible that more tips will be added over time.

Bloodlines and factions don't really matter

At the start of the game you have the choice between different factions and bloodlines. Before I created a character back then, I thought a lot about which faction and line it should actually come from. Although there are different priorities in the skills at the beginning, depending on which faction you have chosen, that no longer plays a major role in midgame. The bloodline itself only has an RPG aspect. So just choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Decide on a game style and skill it

When I started with EVE Echoes, I first learned what was immediately displayed in the menu. And those were military skills. However, I see myself less in the fights than more in the industrial and mining sectors. Although it is important to learn skills in the first place in order to gain technological value, it makes sense to decide early on which game style you want to pursue at the beginning.

I was annoyed that I “skilled” at the beginning and used all my skill points to advance frigate construction. By the way, this is another tip: You can use your skill points so that you don't have to wait all the time to learn something new.

Systems are differently secure

The world in EVE Echoes is big and each system has a different level of security. These security levels are marked with colors and values:

    ● 1.0 to 0.5 (green) - High security, fewer special resources

    ● 0.4 to 0.1 (yellow) - Medium risk, medium resources

    ● 0.0 to -1.0 (red) - High risk, abundant resources

This knowledge is important as you move around the room and consider where to set your base station.

Start making money early

EVE Echoes is almost all about making money (called ISK in the game). You need money for productions, new ships, new equipment, and even to pay marketplace fees.  To get started, there are four easy ways to make money. You can:

    ● Complete missions

    ● Operate mining

    ● Fight against NPCs

    ● Buy and sell

The missions are very important, especially at the beginning. You can find them directly in the menu and depending on the difficulty they give you different amounts of money. They are ideal for buying weapon upgrades or an MK3 miner, depending on which game style you have chosen. Later on, trade and production become more important to make a lot of money. But also through fights where you can earn ISK in the form of bounties in addition to loot, remain lucrative or buy EVE Echoes ISK from us.

Sell your items properly

The market in EVE Echoes plays an important role. However, each station has its own offers. So when buying, make sure that you are looking for cheap offers, even if they are in distant stations and initially cost time. Conversely, you can also benefit from selling when good offers are far away. So you can easily outbid them and if the buyers are a little lazy, they'll still accept your offer, after all they are already at the right station.

Find the right ship for your needs

EVE Echoes offers you a variety of different ships. But every ship has different bonuses. And since every player has different preferences, it is important to find out which ship suits you. You can get a good look at the ship's tree. All ships of the respective factions are listed there. Click on them, check out the corresponding bonuses and work towards the ship that suits you best. If you need EVE Echoes ship skins, Fastisk have hundreds of different options for skins for ships.

In a corporation and with friends, the game is really fun

I spent my first hours playing the MMO alone. But that wasn't so clever at all. After all, you can benefit from a good corporation. Not only do these players help you with questions in the chat, you can also go out with them and take down enemies together, complete missions or do PvP. At the beginning I applied for various corporations. There is a sorting function that you can use, for example, to search for German groups that also have the "casual" setting. Please note, however, that you will not be informed directly if your application is accepted.

You have to actively pay attention to your applications and then confirm your acceptance and thus joining the corporation again. I had overlooked that at the beginning. How are your experiences with EVE Echoes so far? Do you have any other tips that you would like to share with US?