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Eve gets ready to begin its third decade May-18-2022

Eve Online EVE Echoes ISK, the space-based MMO which is so full of consequence that it's scary and is now introducing multi-year narrative sequences that will bring its NPC factions to the core of the action. The conclusion of CCP's first planned story arc is scheduled to begin before the year 2022. The goal is to allow capsuleers to form strong connections with their home empires, fighting for them in the New Eden's world of living that has been designed by players and not NPCs.

"Eve is in the process of preparing to begin its third decade, and the future is never more bright," says creative director Bergur Finnbogason. "With arcs we're creating the foundation for Cheap EVE Mobile ISK in the right direction for her next adventure by providing a an ongoing stream of story-driven content that focuses on the player's decisions and actions."


Disputed systems of factional warfare will evolve into frontlines, with benefits and content and advantages, while other systems possess their own tactical advantages as bases of command forward. Frontlines are more difficult to defeat than systems around them which will accelerate the pace of territorial disputes in general.

NPC factions will hand out tasks to the players. The results of which will have an indelible mark on New Eden regardless of whether they are successful. For a hypothetical example, CCP suggests that the Caldari faction could plan to build a new navy vessel. If those who fly the Caldari flag fail join in the initiative, the ship cannot be launched - "at least for a time". See? Consequence.

The weekend of Reykjavik the halls of the Laugardalsholl sporting centre were decorated in Caldari colours in celebration of the club's Eve Fanfest celebrations. More than 750 people have travelled to this event, the first Fanfest to be held in person since the year 2018. Eve Online itself is one of the youngest attendees and is a lively nineteen years old.

Perhaps the best Eve information to emerge of Fanfest to date has been an announcement about Excel integration, which allows users to import Eve data directly to Microsoft's maths-y application. This is truly an exercise in spreadsheets that takes place in space.