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EVE Online: Everything New Players Need To Know Dec-15-2021

EVE Online is a science fiction massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), initially released in 2003. Dark Horse, partnering with CCP Games, has published multiple comics and other publications centered around the game's universe. The first comic was Cheap EVE Mobile ISK: True Stories in 2014. Another miniseries was EVE: Valkyrie in 2015, from the team of Brian Wood, Eduardo Francisco, and Michael Atiyeh. EVE: Valkyrie was a prequel, leading into EVE: Valkyrie, a virtual reality shooter. Now, another miniseries has arrived.

EVE Online: Capsuleer Chronicles comes from the team of  Sam Maggs, Melissa Grey, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines, Sebastian Cheng, and Nate Piekos. The cover art is provided by Jeremy Wilson. Like past series, this will be another four-issue miniseries, though it stands on its own - not leading into any particular games under EVE Online's umbrella. The first issue is currently available to read for free on Comixology. Thus far, the series is slated as only being digital. The first issue has also been released on Dark Horse Digital and via other digital comic retailers.

In a universe where one mistake can change millions of lives, a single Capsuleer struggles with responsibility, risk, and her reliance on brain-boosting neuro-chems. Adore is like many other pilots in the federation, proud, hot-headed, and terrified of letting her family down.

EVE Online is famed for massive high-stake battles, one of those was the battle for Raravoss, this is the first of four issues diving into the lives of the heroes that shape the universe of Eve Online.

Core aspects that EVE Online is known for will be included in this miniseries, such as explosions, space battles, dying, and being reborn - repeatedly. These are never-before-seen stories that will add to the lore of Eve Online. The series overview reveals that a new threat "has come to their star cluster, an ancient and inhuman civilization demanding New Eden's empires either submit to conversion or die... Despite their differences in loyalties, these four capsuleers battle tooth and nail to save each other and all of New Eden, hoping to buy just enough time for reinforcements to arrive." Capsuleers are posthumans, who are capable of using clones. EVE Online’s capsuleers can be scanned with a hydrostatic capsule, allowing the transference of consciousness into new bodies. Adore is the first newly introduced capsuleer, with three more to come within the series.

The following of EVE Echoes ISK Online is substantial and Dark Horse Comics has been known to be successful with turning compelling video game worlds into similarly compelling comic stories. Its media tie-ins have spanned numerous video games, including Halo, Mass Effect, and Overwatch. EVE Online already has a vast world full of lore, making it ripe for adapting and adding to in a different medium. New Eden is a universe ripe with opportunities for pirates, pilots, and all manner of space inhabitants.