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Eve Online Has 'No Plans' for Blockchain or Crypto Apr-21-2022

CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson has stated the company has “no future plans” regarding EVE Echoes ISK to implement blockchain technology as well as cryptocurrency or NFTs in the near future.

EVE Online is an MMORPG that places players in the cockpit of a spaceship within an enormous shared galaxy that is home to hundreds of thousands of gamers at any one moment. It's known for its huge space battles (and sometimes, its bizarre crossovers) However, there's one thing it's not going to be well-known for anytime very soon NFTs.

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The reason EVE Online Won't Have Blockchain cryptocurrency, NFTs, or Cryptocurrency

EVE Online won't have any blockchain technology integration NFTs, cryptocurrency, or crypto because of a single reason: EVE Online's developers believe that technology hasn't yet developed.

CCP Games has a reputation as a company that is willing to try different things both in gaming and MMO areas. One instance is the fact that they have one of its own economists who help oversee the economy run by players. Naturally, the developers are always looking for the most recent technology, however, crypto hasn't yet won their trust yet.

“On this note, we do not have any plans to integrate blockchain technology to Tranquility, EVE Online's global server in the near future,” read a Steam Community news post from CCP Hellmar (via Reddit). “For the next few years, the development of Tranquility will concentrate on developing exciting new possibilities over the strong foundation put in place over the past twenty years.”

“While we are still enthralled by the technology however, for us, NFT means “Not to Tranquility.' In the end, it is clear that the Cheap EVE Mobile ISK IP will continue to challenge the boundaries of virtual and digital worlds. And we'll continue to look at ways beyond TQ.”

It's likely that this opinion has internal evidence to back it up, It's not just speculation. In the last season, CCP Games experimented with NFTs being integrated into an energy-efficient Tezos Blockchain in the last quarter of the year. It seems like the outcomes of the experiment in conjunction with feedback from playerswhich led to today's announcement.