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EVE Online is casting more NFTs Dec-29-2021

EVE Echoes ISK Online's dabbling in NFTs is continuing with the latest news that the game's developer, CCP Games, is holding an "out-of-game" raffle with up to 300 Tez up for grabs. Additionally, to help comemorate the recent Alliance Tournament XVII, CCP is minting new NFTs surrounding the tournament in the coming weeks and months.

In a new post on the EVE Online website, CCP Games talks briefly about the NFTs that have been minted thus far from the ATXVII, specifically that each kill was memorialized in the normal Killmail fashion, though as an NFT on the Tezos blockchain. While CCP Games states that participants are welcome to hold onto the NFTs indefinitely for free, there is an incentive to those who do sell them early, with the first ten pilots receiving bonus currency on top of the sale value.

Additionally, CCP is hosting an "out-of-game" raffle for those who have signed up on the Tezos blockchain and have linked their wallets with the Concord Killmail site. For those players who have, you'll be entered into a drawing which ends on December 31st, culminating in a raffle that awards up to 300 tez.

The Killmail NFTs weren't the only ones being minted from the Alliance Tournament it seems, as CCP has announced they will be sending NFTs to each participant "celebrating their progression to the final rounds." Additionally, the final kill and death will both be minted in a "tokenized art piece," and finally the team is minting the Top 10 AT Moments as NFTs, which they say there will be more info about in January.

CCP Games is also doubling down on explaining why the Tezos blockchain is the one they chose for this, as it has one the lowest environmental impacts compared to other networks. However, that has not stopped players from expressing displeasure at the practice, with some on Reddit calling it "embarassing" while others comment that the contention surrounding NFTs isn't simply because of the environmental issue.

Recently CCP's CEO Hilmar Pétursson gave an interview with The Korea Economic Daily signaling that the studio was looking hard at NFTs and other Play-to-Earn mechanics, stating that content in games "should have practical values in the real world." Hilmar even mentions the idea about games allowing players to build retirement plans around P2E. It's an interesting look at the mindset of one of the major CEOs already dabbling in NFTs, though stopping short of putting them into the live Cheap EVE Mobile ISK already (unlike Ubisoft's Quartz).