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EVE Online is getting a multiplayer shooter spinoff May-25-2022

At EVE Fanfest 2022, CCP Games London announced the possibility of a first-person multiplayer shooter version of the famous MMO Cheap EVE Mobile ISK Online is in the making.

The game has not been named, and details about the new game aren't available since CCP Games says it "wants to demonstrate rather than explain how they have created this concept." The only thing it's currently saying is that the game will be an a novel "online combat-based FPS" that will take place on the planet of New Eden. As of now, only one conceptual art is revealed featuring soldiers with guns walking across water.

Soldiers traverse wreckage and water within EVE Online's FPS multiplayer.

Even Gundam is getting into the trend of multiplayer first-person shooter spinoffs It's not a surprise to think that EVE Online would follow suit. I hope that it emulates the best games in the genre but with a an original EVE Online style to it. It's the CCP Games' third attempt to develop this idea.

CCP Games released Dust 514 for PS3 in 2013 but the game stopped working in 2016. The developer revealed the shooter Project Nova before scrapping that project and permitting the London studio to begin conceptualizing the game currently in development. It is hoped that this project will not suffer the same fate.

Thankfully, this wasn't even the only thing that was revealed at EVE Echoes ISK Fanfest 2022. We also learned about the fact that CCP Shanghai is working on an online strategy game that is free to play on mobile devices that will be available for players testing later in the year. EVE Online is also getting Microsoft Excel collaboration (yes, it really is) which means keeping track of all EVE Online's data will become much easier.

CCP Games London's first person shooter is currently without a release date The company has stated that it is developing its preproduction.