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EVE Online Officially Launches Quadrant 3: Gateway Sep-15-2021

CCP Games has released the latest update for EVE Online this year, as they have unleashed Quadrant 3: Gateway to the general public. Aside from the storyline now putting you and new pilots on track for a fun test of skill, this update also features more updates to the revamped new player experience. Which they start you off with giving you what they call an "emotionally-driven training program and a customizable skill training system". You can read a little bit more about what to expect here as the update is officially live.

EVE Online Officially Launches Quadrant 3: Gateway

Credit: CCP Games

EVE Online's revamped onboarding experience is a rich, emotionally-driven narrative available for players arriving in-game for the first time. It introduces players to a fresh cast of characters that teach the essential features and controls, including how to pilot a ship, survive a firefight, make money, and more. After completing the training program, players will have a solid understanding of how to thrive amongst the stars.

In addition, Quadrant 3: Gateway will add new content and balance updates, such as changes to resource distribution that signal the start of greater updates to the scarcity of resources in New Eden. Players can expect to see further resource distribution changes in the fourth Quadrant of 2021, which kicks off November 2021. As part of the revamped skill system, Gateway also introduces customizable skill plans to EVE Online. Created with character development in mind, skill plans allow players to build, and share, a list of skills without purchasing or injecting them first. The streamlined system provides players with a better understanding of how skills function and help achieve aspirational goals.

"It is the best time in EVE's 18-year history for pilots to fly into New Eden," said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online's Creative Director. "The heart of EVE Online has always been its players. For Quadrant 3 we are opening up the Gateway for new Capsuleers into EVE Online, starting with the new player experience. I'm excited to see how these new pilots will shape the game for years to come!"

"There are many ways to learn and grow in Cheap EVE Mobile ISK now, whether it's the training program, skill plans, or EVE Academy," said Merkelchen, a member of the CSM 16, EVE's democratically elected council of player representatives. "The veteran community is excited about this and there is truly no time like the present to jump into EVE, no matter how familiar you are with it."