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EVE Online Receives Its Biggest Update to Mining and Industry Nov-15-2021

The New Dawn update announced early this week brought just a fraction of the content CCP plans to add to the game by the end of the fourth Quadrant. Specifically, EVE Echoes ISK Online players got two new exploration sites and the promise of another two, but that’s all the new content added this week apart from some visual and audio changes (the new warp sounds are awesome).

If you’re a new player or considering starting your adventure in New Eden, the upcoming update should bring the so-called Age of Prosperity in Cheap EVE Mobile ISK Online. It makes perfect sense to start it with changes to resources and mining, the foundation of everything it exists in EVE Online.

That being said, CCP announced today that the update will introduce more raw materials into New Eden, along with compression for gas, ice, and moon ore. Also, updates to mining and mining crystals will be implemented too, as well as a rebalancing of some of the mining and industrial ships like the Orca and Rorqual, which will no longer be the go-to ships for those who prefer solo mining. Basically, they will receive a buff to their command bonuses and will be given new roles.

The most important thing about the New Dawn update is that it will double resource quantity of various resources:

Ore in asteroids belts

All Omber, Kernite, and Crokite quantities are doubled in sov anomalies

Ice belts (on top of the previous 200% increase)




Not only that, but the extraction rate from all moons will be doubled, and PI materials for certain subcapital and capital components will be reduced:

Halving water for core temperature regulators, used in battleship & capital construction

Significant reduction in P4 materials used in capital component production

In the coming weeks, CCP will add new specialized gas and ice holds to T1 industrials, expedition frigates, T1 barges, and T2 exhumers. More importantly, many of the mining ships will be further improved to make them less appealing targets for gankers. For example, the resistance profiles of all exhumers will be increased. Also, the base HP of Covetor and Retriever will be increased, and they will gain a mid-slot.