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EVE Online's Quadrants and the Road To Fanfest Feb-16-2022

In the aftermath of EVE Echoes ISK Vegas in 2019, CCP's, Bergur Finlandbogason revealed for EVE Online fans the introduction of quarterly updates to the Quadrant. These updates are scheduled to be quarterly and fully themed and will bring specific updates and improvements on the Sci-Fi MMO frequently. Alongside the themed quadrant updates, the development team of CCP Games had been put together, Team Talos, with the intention of creating faster update that can be distributed quickly to players in order to iterate or respond to something happening in EVE Online as feedback dictated.

Since then, over the past couple of years, the updates have, generally speaking, hit the benchmark. From the initial Quadrant after EVE Vegas, Fight or Flight to the most recent Gateway update the cadence has helped players - as well as developers too - to get in a pattern. But, it's been a little while since the last update that was released in September 2021. Players are eager to find out what's next.

CCP Games is always looking to innovate regardless of when it comes the release time. With Fanfest returning in the nearly four years since it last took place in Reykjavik This is a good that the team responsible for EVE Online might be holding the first of many events for the event.

Quadrants have proven successful generally while the players have been able to understand how the structure has performed over for the past several years. Team Talos has the ability to be agile in its deployment of updates and iterations is crucial to adapting and improving in EVE in the last few years. One thing I have observed in my conversations with CCP over the last couple of years has been the capacity for the team of developers to experiment on a Monday, and should it be necessary, modify before Thursday. The speed that ideas and updates can be delivered is like, according to Brand Manager Saemundur Hermannsson said in an interview with me last week "unprecedented."

"Just receiving the response from the community who understand it, and our being able to provide updates on an massive size which EVE Online has not seen before," Hermannsson said about the response to Quadrants. "I'll simply describe those as the balance changes and events as well as updates and iterations and everything else. It's been quite a bit of fun for us in the internal department to work on this theme and integrate it into."

Each quadrant had a specific theme that was the basis of the release, ranging from 2021's Foundation which was a bid to revive an in-game NPC empires that are the basis for New Eden's story. Or 2020's Phoenix which saw players re-build New Eden after it was altered forever due to the results from the long-running Triglavian arc. These themes, events and others helped consolidate and contextualize the changes that CCP was releasing in the form of smaller, incremental updates interspersed between. But, it came at the cost of the huge expansions EVE has been doing for years but it did not allow for the kind of narrative growth EVE Online is dipping towards with its latest additions.

According to Hermannsson the announcement is the evolution of the Quadrants. The brand manager has been mute regarding the specifics of what players can be expecting, he does hint that the focus is on narrative, and broadening the narrative that forms the basis of Cheap EVE Mobile ISK world.