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EVE Online sets a new record Feb-09-2022

Despite the fact that MMORPG Cheap EVE Mobile ISK Online turns 19 this year, its players can still surprise and achieve new interesting records. The universe of New Eden is incredibly huge and, unlike other games in this genre, it is not at all easy to travel through it. There are no usual teleports here, and mortal danger awaits you at every step. Without the right hardware, you might end up stuck in one of the systems.

On March 9, 2019, Katia Sae accomplished the daunting task of being the first person to explore every available system in EVE Online: 5,201 systems in New Eden and another 2,604 systems in w-space. A total of 7,805 systems visited and documented, while not losing a single ship in combat during the entire journey.

This gigantic undertaking made Katia Sae the first capsuleer to visit absolutely every corner of the game. But to achieve the goal, it took her almost 10 years. However, the world of EVE Online is full of possibilities. Although Katia has been immortalized as the first pilot to visit every star system, a new record has emerged.

A new record has been set in EVE Online. The player circled all systems in 224 days

Capsulator Henrique Arnolles holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time taken to reach each of the 7,805 available star systems in EVE Echoes ISK Online. He was able to do it in just 224 days. Henrique embarked on an adventure on February 1st, 2021, completing a tour of all Imperial systems (high and low security) by February 6th. Then he went to zero sectors, and on September 13 he arrived in the last w-space system, having completed his mission.

You can listen to the story of Henrique Arnolles on the recording of Talking in Stations:

GM Week with CCP Goat, CCP Paragon, CCP Swift, Enrique Arnol, Katia Sae

GM Week with CCP Goat, CCP Paragon, CCP Swift, Enrique Arnol, Katia Sae

Because of this interest in travel, the developers have already added a corresponding tool to quickly check movement data to help set a new record if another intrepid adventurer ever breaks it.