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Learning from the Prospector Pack PVP and Teaching New Players Apr-05-2022

The EVE Online development team isn't a one to be averse to controversy. In March, when prominent players came together to protest the launch in the Prospector's Pack which offered a fully-equipped mining barge for players, CCP Games acknowledged the very important issues players raised and removed the packs from the market.

Bergur specifically addresses the challenges that new players have to overcome trying to figure out how to acquire an entirely new ship, how to properly fit the ship, and comprehend the basic concepts in EVE Online. The new New Player Experience teaches new capsuleers the basic concepts however it can be a challenge for a new player to know exactly how to start when the training wheels have come gone. This is why CCP's thinking is that the prospector pack was created to assist new players in getting an advantage in the right direction.

"There is a huge obstacle for players who are new to the game to locate the ship, get it, locate all the modules, install it, determine the correct system of fitting, fly to Jita Try to find all the right modules, and the CPU power grid. These things are amazing once you've started learning the basics of the EVE Echoes ISK and are progressing a bit in the process. But , day one and day two, or day three, this is an enormously difficult task.

"So the thought was, 'can we ease this pain? We could smooth this negative experience by doing something like allowing players to purchase an entire ship on the assumption of selling the ships for everyone? No. The idea behind this feature is to create a fresh player-focused feature that aims to help players to get used to the playstyles that we've identified as healthy and fun things to play from starting."

Bergur adds that selling packs such as this is only one element of a bigger strategy for the team to create a system that lets the packs are a part of the economy of the game and not just an outlier that is that is injected into the world outside this system. This is in line with the concept of putting new players in fully-equipped, ready-to-go vehicles created by veterans.

What the team's plans are for developing these kinds of packs that are connected to the game's economy is a question that will need to be figured out However, it's a fascinating thought to contemplate particularly since a lot of the confusion is due to this kind of sales made by CCP are a way to bypass the player-owned market in New Eden.

"The idea behind this is that everything that's shared in these packs originates from people in the communities." Bergur went on. "It's not fabricated from the air."

Passion is a characteristic of EVE. Passion is what defines the EVE community, regardless of desire to create the most effective propaganda during war, the current state of PvP industries, or other things. Making new pilots more at ease in New Eden in its rules is also a place where capsuleers are willing to assist. The month of March ended with Stay Frosty's PvP Free For All event which saw the company provide fully-equipped frigates for players looking to try PvP and not risk their ISK.

The FFA has always proven to be a wildly popular event, and this year's edition was even more popular, breaking a few record-breaking records within the game. As per CCP Games, this year's event set the record for the largest number of Lowsec kills on a single system beat out the previous year's FFA. Furthermore, the event was the fourth most bloody Single-system game to occur in EVE Online the history of Cheap EVE Mobile ISK.

The 19th day of March (the day of the FFA) also recorded the record for most kills in PvP throughout all Lowsec in EVE Online, beating out the bloodiest day of May 2013.

CCP Games also ran their own PvP events, which were held in conjunction with the event hosted by the player Rixx Javix. It's something that Community developer Bergur Theodorsson says could be more commonplace with CCP's event team who plan them out. The team is also searching at ways to make it easier for them.

In the end, however the timeline of EVE Online moves towards Fanfest in the near future however, with in the future, with the 3rd decade of New Eden on the horizon It's a problem EVE Online is trying for solutions to so that the it can be addressed by a new player