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NFT "Kill" Proof Collection Available in EVE Online Tournament Nov-09-2021

"EVE Online" Alliance Tournament XVII is being held until November 14th

CCP Games announces "Kill Proof NFT". This will allow participants to claim, trade and collect NFTs for the most spectacular kills that took place during the two-week tournament.

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Cheap EVE Mobile ISK Online, CCP Games' leading sci-fi strategy MMORPG, introduces NFT-collectable kill certificates at Alliance Tournament XVII, where teams from around the world participate in his biggest EVE tournament. CCP Game chooses the energy efficient Tezos blockchain and casts kill certificate NFTs. The character who gave the final blow can request a kill certificate NFT, and players can trade and collect this NFT.

The EVE Alliance Tournament is one of the first esports in the gaming industry, with its first tournament in 2005. This year, a kill certificate NFT will be presented to players after the tournament to commemorate their participation in the 17th EVE Online Alliance Tournament. In addition, there are 280 limited edition vessels available only to the winners of the Alliance tournament. These unique ships are at the heart of many of EVE's most notorious stories and have been well received by game collectors and PvP players.

CCP Games uses the Tezos blockchain for NFTs to enable innovation and sustainability. Clean NFTs on energy-efficient Proof of Stake networks like Tezos ensure that the impact of this new media sharing creative expression is not offset by unnecessarily high energy consumption. Unlike traditional Proof of Work blockchains, Tezos' pioneering Proof of Stake mechanism is an energy-efficient approach to protecting networks with 2 million times less energy than competing Proof of Work networks. This allows Tezos to minimize energy consumption and ensure clean operation, ignoring carbon dioxide emissions.

"EVE Online" is a community-led spaceship MMORPG that allows players to freely choose their own path from a myriad of choices. In this EVE Echoes ISK, you can experience space exploration, huge PvP and PvE battles, and a vibrant player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox. EVE Online allows you to participate in a variety of in-game professions and activities, including war, politics, pirates, trade, and exploration, along with hundreds of thousands of other players, set in 7,000 star systems.

Alliance Tournament XVII is a four-day main event with 40 teams and 10:10 dual elimination, with a two-day "feeder" tournament earlier this year. In total, about 80 teams participated and more than 100,000 players participated. CCP will once again partner with production studio EVE-NT to bring together player talent from around the world at the CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland, and live stream the event on Twitch.

The tournament, which started this weekend, will reach the final on Sunday, November 14th, the following week.