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Project Eve is The Strange Marriage of Nier and Dark Souls Sep-25-2021

The upcoming action game Project EVE Echoes ISK seems to be harnessing what makes popular franchises like Nier and Dark Souls so incredibly unique.

What Project Eve Should Learn from Dark Souls

Dark Souls and Souls-like titles have established an ever-growing genre that prioritizes responsive and intricate combat mechanics. The methodical combat of Souls-like games requires careful observation of enemy patterns while slashing, dodging, and parrying. Although an action game at its heart, Project Eve appears to take on the more methodical approach of Dark Souls with its combat, while also retaining the finesse and fluidity of games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta

Project Eve's unique approach to combat creates an opportunity to attract veteran Dark Souls fans while being a breath of fresh air for those exhausted with the more simplified gameplay of the hack-and-slash genre. Sekiro fans are in luck, as parrying in Project Eve looks like it works similarly to the posture system from Sekiro. Players can still hack and slash their way through enemies, but parrying or evading will grant them with Beta Gauge, a form of currency that unlocks new skills. Furthermore, appropriately parrying and dodging will also charge Eve's Burst Gauge, needed to activate powerful moves. However, it remains to be seen whether deflection in Project Eve is as precise and satisfactory as in Sekiro.

While the gameplay trailers revealed so far only give a glimpse of Eve's swift and electrified sword, Project Eve will feature additional weapons. Project Eve's Dark Souls-like combat, in addition to Eve's acrobatic nature, could make taking down its parasitic enemies and bosses a lot more fun, frantic, and focused if executed right.

What Project Eve Should Learn from Nier

At first glance, Project Eve looks like a PlatinumGames project, particularly its Nier series. Project Eve's bleak and dystopian depiction of Earth is reminiscent of Nier Automata, and while Automata's visuals may seem dated by current standards, Project Eve looks gorgeous on PS5. However, more obvious comparisons with Yoko Taro's universe boil down to various themes and soundtrack.

Nier Automata's convoluted philosophical narrative with 26 distinct endings is not something most games try to imitate. While multiple endings in Project Eve are not confirmed, it should take a similar approach to keep subsequent playthroughs fresh with fleshed-out narrative beats. Project Eve's Nier inspirations are clear, and as such, Project Eve has the opportunity to depict a deeply personal and grim storyline with unique characters that makes the broader narrative of humanism more believable.

A sci-fi fantasy world with melancholic plot that puts mankind in a life-threatening situation isn't new to South Asian video games, though not every game is appropriately able to convey the various themes it sets out to explore. If Project Cheap EVE Mobile ISK is looking at Nier for inspiration, it should prioritize capturing its profound storytelling alongside its use of orchestral music. Project Eve is shaping up to an ambitious project from SHIFT UP, and if it's able to perfectly blend the methodical gameplay formula of Dark Souls with the bleak dystopian and philosophical world-building of Nier, fans of both franchises may have something special in store.

Project Eve is currently in development.