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‘Project Eve’ releases new, in-game screenshots Oct-05-2021

During the recent PlayStation Showcase event, SHIFT UP Studio presented its ambitious action title Project Cheap EVE Mobile ISK, a futuristic sci-fi game.

It’s quite obvious that any new IP needs to create a particular hype if it wants to gather momentum. And the team of Project Eve seems to be working in a similar fashion, sharing new in-game screenshots.

‘Project Eve’ early details

he dev team behind the action RPG recently shared new pictures from the upcoming game on its official Twitter account.

The tweets show three new images from Project Eve. The first one shows a close-up angle of protagonist Eve’s face. Perhaps she is reacting to some situation or colossal trouble.

The second image is of some abandoned ship in space. Interestingly, it looks like there has been an attack of a virus or creature, shown in the initial reveal trailer.

The last screenshot from Project Eve shows the character of Eve fighting a multi-eye monster that made its appearance in the PS event last week. We are calling it “multi-eyed” because the devs haven’t confirmed its actual name.

There’s no accurate information available so far when it comes to what to expect in Project Eve. At the moment, only its possible future launch is known to the public.

But the game surely seems to have taken a lot of inspiration from some major titles. Many gaming fans noticed that the title seemed like a mix of Bayonetta, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and NieR:

Automata in the trailer.

Upcoming video games

While some gaming enthusiasts are excited about the upcoming SHIFT UP Studio project, there are multiple other fresh releases this year itself. They can try them out in the meantime.

There are names like New World, Battlefield 2042, and Stray, which are the most-awaited blockbusters.

Call of Duty: Vanguard, Activision, and Sledgehammer’s newest entry in the franchise is also arriving in two months. This time the title will follow a story based on the World War 2 era. The next installment will also consist of engaging multiplayer modes.

Then there is Ubisoft’s Riders Republic, having an open-world environment comprising of extreme sports. It will feature tons of adventurous online activities and competitions.

Recently announced Etched Memories, Glitchpunk, and Tom Clancy’s XDefiant are making their debuts very soon.

Coming back to Project Eve, again, then it’s currently in development for PS5. It may also release for PC as well, although the developing team does not confirm it.

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