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The prices for EVE Online are increasing Apr-26-2022

The cost for doing businesses with EVE Online is going up. CCP Games announced today that in order to ensure the game's expansion, the cost on both Omega subscriptions and Plex will go up in May.

“This adjustment is a reflection of global trends that impact general production costs, and also is a result of years of inflation. It also modifies the one-month USD price for subscription for the very first time since” CCP said. “These adjustments will impact other currencies (non-US).”

At present, a one-month Omega subscription that gives access to EVE's entire range of ships, additional gaming features, and unlimited skill training , with two training speeds, retails at $14.95 Three months are $38.85 6 months cost $71.710 and 12 months are $131.40.

It's an incredibly significant price increase, but isn't too unreasonable considering that it's the first increase of this kind in more than 20 years. The response to the announcement was rather negative. Responses posted on Twitter, Reddit, and the Cheap EVE Mobile ISK forums have predicted (and suggest) massive account cancellations as well as refunds for tickets to Fan fest that will be returning in May following two years of absence; and A couple used” the “Summer of Rage” the 2011 player protest about what was widely thought as a massive misstep in the direction of CCP.

One of the main complaints is that CCP stated that the new pricing for Omega subscriptions “include all future content releases for the game” and also that CCP is “committed to providing you with the best possible version of EVE Echoes ISK and an exciting the future of New Eden,” it did not provide any details on what that future comprises.

"The most sensible option would be to make the announcement in six months time so that players have time to determine what new content is available and whether it's worth for the extra cost," Pirate Aussie wrote. "Alternatively, an option (though probably not something that players would be enthusiastic about) is to wait until the day after Fan fest to allow players to process what CCP presents to them as they ponder their responses and decide there. Instead, they went ahead with the intention of giving players the option of 25 calendar days to think about the matter."

An active membre of the Council of Stellar Management, which is a group of players "elected by players to assist and advise CCP in the continual creation of EVE Online," said the group had resisted the concept when informed about it a couple of weeks ago, but to nothing. "It was stated that this was taking place regardless of how hard we tried to fight it," Redditor deltaxi65 wrote.

In anticipation of the price increase, CCP is running a weekend sale for 1-month Omega subscriptions. The response to that, which comes close to the heels of the price hike announcement, is exactly what you'd think.